High School Teacher Drags ‘Special Needs’ Student by the Hair in this Horrific Video—Shocking!

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     Screenshot from Youtube/Inside
Concerned parents are urging the school to fire the teacher.
When we leave our children to learn in their respective schools, we always feel that they are in the safest place possible. Teachers are considered the children’s second parents, and they should receive the same love and care they have received from their parents. Sadly for this ‘special needs’ student, her teacher is not that loving and caring second parent she should be.

Filmed in the Greenville Public School’s gymnasium, a teacher can be seen holding down a ‘special needs’ student, before dragging her across the floor by her hair! The reason behind the teacher’s actions is still unknown, but parents and netizens alike disagree to how she disciplines her students.

When children do something wrong, the best thing to do is to teach them what is right from wrong, instead of shaming or hurting them. Many children still don’t understand how the adult world works—and they should be taught in a less-violent manner if possible.
Concerned parents are urging the school to fire the teacher. The Greenville Police Department and the Greenville Public School District are both investigating the incident.