When it comes to finding ways to relax outdoors, fishing just about tops the list. With the warm sun, rolling waves, and the oh-so-worth-it catch, it’s a great way to kick back and enjoy your day. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be, anyway…
If you’re catching any of these beastly fish on the other end of your line, you might have a hard time doing anything other than scream.
1. His dentist is probably mad he didn’t floss.

2. Say hello to Walter P. Underbite.

3. Freeze frame — “I bet you’re wondering how I ended up with this strange man.”

4. Shut up, nature.

5. Clearly, someone caught the spirit of gingivitis.

6. “Oi, mate, put me down.”
7. Big Tuna.

8. What even is the ocean?

9. Engagement photoshoots are getting out of hand.

10. Pictured: Mantei Te’o’s girlfriend.

11. Someone must have tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge!

12. This seems mean.
13. That’s a big coffee filter.

14. “So where did you two meet?”

15. “Wait, is Moby Dick a metaphor?” — guy on the left.

16. You taking group photos.

17. How baby pictures on Facebook look to us at this point.

18. He was just taking a pic and the fish photobombed him. True story.
19. Ah, the magnificent potato fish.

20. Eyes like the snake in The Jungle Book.

Okay, so maybe the ocean is scarier than it gets credit for. I’ll have to start rethinking that relaxing fishing trip with the River Monsters dude.
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