Couples will have ups and downs throughout their whole relationship, but there are definitely certain couples that just were never meant to be, this is one of them. These two are so dysfunctional that in one short video you can already tell how bad it is, especially with the dialogue towards the end. It turns out that after an argument these two ended up in a physical altercation where the woman beat the man with a metal pipe, leaving a bleeding gash on his forehead that will more than likely require stitches. She ended up leaving, and then decided against it; after popping in her car she changed her mind and started coming back up the driveway, which is when her lover started recording.
It’s not certain whether he was attempting to keep her from parking and coming back in or if something else was going on, but from the looks of it he just wanted her gone. After an abusive attack like that it’s easy to see why.

Right at the end he starts asking her why she’s back, as only moments prior he claims she had wanted to break up and wanted him dead etc. etc., and her response was only that she changed her mind about that. If that can tell you anything here it’s admittance, and this is an obvious case of spousal abuse. Either way there was a better alternative than trying to stand in front of the crazy lady’s car, he should have called the police! It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman beating a man, abuse is abuse and we are capable of so much more than that.



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