Fairs and festivals attract millions of people each year with their foods, their games and most importantly – their rides. From the zero-gravity rides to the immense Ferris wheels there’s a lot about these machines that could go wrong during a ride, but those are always more likely to happen when safety rules aren’t followed. One young girl from India learned a harsh lesson the other day when she attempted to get close to one of the rides for what she hoped would be a neat selfie, and instead ended up getting her hair caught in the moving ride instead.
When the ride continued to move forward it yanked on enough of her hair for half of her scalp to rip right off her head until they managed to bring it to a stop. She doesn’t appear as though she’s suffering in the video but you can definitely tell that’s from the adrenaline and shock.

Luckily they managed to get this young girl free and immediately rushed her to a hospital where medical professionals can treat her injuries. It’s not yet known whether or not she’ll make it out of this OK and hopefully the worst she’ll have to deal with is some slight scarring, but it’s sad to note that this whole incident could have been avoided had there been barriers farther back from the ride itself. There’s a reason we have safety laws and regulations, to keep us safe from our own inventions!



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