Do you believe that ghosts exist? Some believe that there are creatures in this world aside from us, creatures and entities that are not meant to be seen. Have you seen or felt one for yourself? There are people who claim to have seen or felt an unknown presence aside from the people around them. Some paranormal occurrences have been recorded on camera as well, but many are still sceptical about the existence of ghost and ghouls.
For Iris Alamo, her experiences have been so frequent that she decided to put up CCTV cameras in her room to find out what makes her wake up in the middle of the night. She has been having sleepless night before this video was taken, and you’ll see what has been bothering her.

In the video, the bathroom door can be seen opening, as if there was something coming inside her room. Just as the door was fully opened, Alamo’s sheets begin to look like it was being pulled off her. She immediately wakes up—and is confronted with flickering lights, going on and off!
Unfazed by the chaos in her room, she walks towards the bathroom and goes back into the room, where lights continued to flicker on and off. In the video footage, orbs can be seen circling inside her room—which are believed to be ghosts.
Do you believe in ghosts and ghouls?


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