In relationships, arguments and fights are normal—and they happen when you least expect it. Onlookers were shocked to have witnessed a couple fight that most of them might never forget.
In a subway station in Nanjing, China, people started gathering around a couple who seemed to bicker about something which caused the woman to burst into a tantrum. The squabble continued for a while, leaving onlookers bringing out their cellphones to take photos and videos of the still unidentified couple.

In her frustration, the woman started taking her clothes off one-by-one until she was completely naked and continued to argue with her boyfriend. Instead of covering her up, the boyfriend continued their verbal battle and didn’t seem to care that his girlfriend is already open for many people to see.
The scandalous display of their behavior wasn’t the most shocking part of the story though. Apparently, the woman was frustrated because her boyfriend refused to buy her an iPhone6s! But her tantrum didn’t seem to work as their fight ended with her emptyhanded.
I wonder if she does this every time her boyfriend refuses to give her something.

Source: StompHenan.163


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