A Facebook user Erika Burch took pictures of a man strolling around in the supermarket with hair of a girl tied to the trolley! Erika captured the incident and uploaded pictures to Facebook while police at a branch of Walmart in Cleveland, Texas, have said they are investigating.

The man continued with his shopping despite the girl begging for him to stop and other shoppers telling him to let her free. He roamed around as him nothing had happened and the girl looked quite in pain, the witnesses said.

Erika wrote on Facebook: ‘He had her hair wrapped around the buggy dragging her! She is begging him to stop! She was saying “Please stop, I promise I wont do it again please stop!”

“‘I took my phone out snapped pictures and then told him to let the little girls hair go! He told me to mind my own business! I said no im not! Right now this little girl is my business and you need to let her hair go now! He said “I grew up just fine!”.’ Erika wrote further.

She said that a police officer at the scene would not intervene because none of the girl’s hair was missing and there were no signs of bruising. She claimed that the officer said ‘he has the right to discipline his children’. However Cleveland Police Department later posted on Facebook to say that they were investigating.


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