It is very clear that giving birth is the only way to keep the world’s population going. This means that women must be there for it to happen.
Even though I have never experienced what it is like to give birth, I know of women who have done it and what they say is that it’s not an easy task.
But good news is that all women I have had a chat with on the same said that even though it is painful, they have that feeling of being endowed and thankful for taking part in childbirth.
I think the whole process of child formation includes joy, pain and many more. In the clip below, we can clearly see how this expectant mother is pushing her big belly, and the response the unborn kid does by pushing back too!
There is no doubt that men don’t take part in giving birth. That’s why some of them jump into conclusion of judging others yet they’ve never experienced it. Generally, men are seen to be stronger than women because of the cries and yells women produce during the delivering time, which is interpreted as to being weaker in persevering pain.
By watching the clip, you’ll realize that it is not true. The two fathers venture into really getting to know how it feels like, so as to know if their women were faking when they were delivering the babies.
They decided to take a labor simulation in the hospital. Electrodes were places at their abdomen, and the doctors did the rest just to demonstrate to them what it really is to experience contractions while in labor.
Watch the clip below to see what they had to say about it afterwards. Please SHAREthis to all your friends on Facebook to let everyone know the truth!



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