Teachers, as well as parents, know how mischievous kids can sometimes be. There’s no telling what they’ll do next, especially in school and with their friends. A way teachers and school administrators try to keep the peace in their institutions is by setting guidelines on when students can freely use the bathroom.

It’s no secret that the kids can sometimes use this time for other things, like skipping class. But now, many parents think that some educators are taking the rule too far.

One mother and father are outraged after their sixth-grade son had an accident in class, all because his teacher reportedly wouldn’t let him leave to use the restroom.

At the school, like in many others, students are given four minutes to get from class to class. During this time, they are encouraged to relieve themselves, if needed. But this is often not enough time for them to do so, requiring them to go during class time.

This is what happened to Erik Orozcu. Just minutes after he wasn’t allowed to leave, he wet himself in the middle of class. He then went back up to the front of the classroom, in his dirtied pants.

The teacher still forced him to stay in class. Erik had no choice but to admit what had happened, embarrassed by the situation.

He was finally allowed to walk himself to the dean’s office, and then to the nurse’s office. 

When his horrified mother saw him, she was shocked that he had not been given any kind of privacy.

Now, the Orozcu family is coming out with their son’s story because they don’t want this happening to any other child.

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