This dog named Bonita had her mouth ripped open and her eyes popped out, after cruel humans put a firecracker inside her mouth. The hurt and bloodied dog was discovered one late evening in Houston, Texas.
No human or animal deserves to be treated this way.

Martha Vasquez, the woman who found Bonita, alarmed all possible rescue teams to help the dog through any means possible. Finally, local rescuers arrived, who rushed the poor dog to the nearest veterinarian. After taking a good look at Bonita’s condition, the vets concluded that there was no saving her. The vets had no choice but to euthanize Bonita to end her suffering.
The lifeless body of Bonita was then brought to Houston Humane society, who then confirmed after an X-ray that the dog was not shot, they suspect that cracked up people had put fireworks on the poor dog’s mouth, causing her these injuries and her death.
The misuse of fireworks poses a danger both to those who misuse them and to innocent bystanders, and the category of “innocent bystanders” is not limited to human beings. Explosive fireworks, particularly, can pose a real danger to dogs who don’t understand their hazardous nature and may try to play with or pick up fireworks with burning fuses, resulting in ghastly injuries when those fireworks go off.


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