I wonder WHY he broke up with her?
Break-ups can be really tough for both parties. Moving on is another phase every broken up couple has to go through—and it isn’t easy. A break-up leaves us depressed, lost, and most of all, alone.
This woman wanted to make amends and ‘talk’ with her ex-boyfriend who refused to let her inside the house. His reason for not letting her in? She apparently punched him in the face! The crazed woman demanded that he let her in, but to no avail. In her frustration, she would call him names and curse at him—making it all the more impossible to get in his house.
The man was terrified of his ex’s behaviour, even threatening her that he would call the cops if she doesn’t stop and leave his home. After a few minutes, the woman can be heard crying outside the dude’s house—and told him that she would kill herself if he didn’t let her in. in response to her threat, he said he’d call her mom if she insists on what she wants to happen.
She smashed her ex-boyfriend’s door before leaving the premises.



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