He doesn’t take in students because he doesn’t want the ‘technique’ to fall in the wrong hands.

Many people are curious about their future. Some people want to be prepared for what is to come, while others simply want to know what awaits them in the road ahead. In Chinese society, fortune telling is a respected and important part of social and business culture. Thus, fortune tellers often take on a role which is equivalent to management consultants and psychotherapists in Western society.

We’ve seen a lot of ways to tell one person’s future like palm reading or face reading—but nothing as ridiculous as this mystic man’s ways. This unnamed ‘master’ called Mr. Strange by many of his followers and believers, touches women’s breasts in order to tell them their future.


The self-proclaimed master says he spent half of his life mastering the said technique, and has no intentions of taking in students to pass his legacy on. He also endured punches and kicks in the nut from women when he tried to test the feasibility of his technique. Still, he continued to ‘work hard’ and master the said technique.
It was until Chinese social media site Weibo user Xiao Yuwen uploaded a video showing the man at work that he became a social media sensation overnight.



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