Here’s a food alert you will definitely want to take note of as you could have these in your kitchen shelves.
Nowadays it seems that food contamination is more common than ever, and you would think with all the technology, it would be otherwise and there would be zero chances at contamination.
But due of the mass volume of food that is being continually pumped out through a manufacturing process where it’s near impossible to have every single surface completely clean at every stage of the process, food contamination continues to flourish.

Hence the importance of this warning and any other recall warnings that may pop up. It’s important to check regularly on what is going on with food recalls as there is so much 24 hour news being dished out, that it’s easy to miss the real important stuff, such as this.
It’s General Mills who has issued a warning regarding the Nature Valley bars. There are contamination concerns. Here’s the products to look out for:
Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bar with Honey, Peanut & Almond with Pumpkin Seeds. There are five bars in this package, with a UPC code of 000-16000-47196.
Great bars with awesome protein content, and the taste is good too. But get rid of any of them if they match the above! Here’s the next one:
Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bar, Peanut, Almond & Dark Chocolate. There are five bars in this package with a UPC code of 000-16000-45724.
The third bar is:
Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar with Almond, Cashew & Sea Salt. This package comes in a four count, and a twenty five count. The 4 count has a UPC code of 000-16000-46474 and the 25 count has a UPC code of 000-16000-41301.
The last box is:
Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar – Roasted Peanut & Honey, which come in a four count and a sixteen count. The four count has a UPC code of 000-16000-46475 and the 16 count has a UPC of 000-16000-41308.
They are saying to toss these bars immediately. Throw them out! No doubt these are pricey bars, but they are definitely not worth the risk, so get rid of them pronto. They are said to contain a contamination called Listeria.
Turns out that it looks like the sunflower seeds in the bars are to blame. All of the above contain sunflower seeds, and the supplier said that they discovered a potential presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the seeds. Potential is strong enough, so General Mills decided to inform people to yank these out of their kitchen shelves right away.
Listeria is nasty and the symptoms include the following: muscle aches, diarrhea, fever, and a weakened immune system.
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