30-year-old Katherine Dey works a nurse in Rochester, New York, but nursing isn’t her only passion. In her free time, she likes to bake and decorate cakes, which seems like an ordinary enough hobby…until you see the shocking way she does it.
Katherine’s cakes are intricately molded and decorated in extremely realistic — and often dark and disgusting — ways. We’ve all seen cakes that look too good to eat, but you may want to leave these cakes alone for a different reason!

Katherine Dey of Rochester, New York, earns her living as a nurse, but her real passion is baking and decorating cakes.

However, hers aren’t any ordinary cakes. These artistic masterpieces are highly detailed, extremely realistic-looking, and…more than a little off-putting.
In fact, Katherine’s cakes are often disgustingly realistic.

Her creations are frequently dark and, on the surface, repulsive…
…but each of them is also a rich, deliciously sweet treat!

Katherine uses her art to explore people’s conflicted feelings about something they like and want — cake — and the subjects and scenes that disgust them.

If your cake looked like a decapitated lamprey, would you eat it?
Her attention to detail is stunning. She makes sure everything from the base cake to the frosting and glazes comes together perfectly in her disturbing final products.

Still, some of her works are so off-putting that they’d be very difficult to eat, even if they smelled and tasted amazing!
Most people would probably hesitate to dig into a cake that looks like this…

…and this rat cake is horrifying.

These placenta cakes are stunningly, gorgeously decorated and totally awful at the same time…

Imagine having a big, disgusting foot cake at your next party!
Even Katherine’s more normal cakes are highly detailed and a little…off.

Plus, some of her cakes may look more or less normal on the surface…

…but when you cut into them, they become much darker!

Those are some very impressive cakes, and I can’t imagine the planning and time Katherine puts into making them. Still, I’m not sure I’d have the courage to eat one!

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