#1 Gross Disturbance

In a plane bound for Washington DC, a disturbance forced the flight to an emergency landing in Charlotte, NC. A noxious stench started emanating from between a woman’s legs

#2 Truth

Jamal, an angry passenger didn’t mince words. “I thought something had crawled up in that bitch and died. It smelled like straight up weave and diarrhea shit mixed with skunk juice.”

#3 Unwanted Landing

Many people were not only getting sick from the smell, but many were understandable upset about the emergency landing caused by Larissa Jone’s stinky vagina

#4 Hazmat

When the smell began to take over the plane, some passengers blacked out and a flight attendant let the pilot know, who then made the emergency landing. Hazardous materials crews were on the scene right away to sanitize the plane.

#5 Nightmare

A flight attendant on the flight was horrified by the whole scenario. “I can’t believe she would have to nerve to go out in public smelling like that. Let alone in a confined space. I should quit my job and sue the airline for pain and suffering. They knew she stank that bad before she got on the plane. I will have nightmares about that smell for the rest of my life.”

#6 Hospital Bound

The culprit of stink, Larissa, was taken to a local hospital to make sure there weren’t any dead animals in her vagina.


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