A Grade 2 student in Bacoor, Cavite suffered in the hands of four suspected drug addicts. Romelinda Gardon is just 8 years old but her life was snuffed by these four heartless guys who raped and killed her before throwing her body in the river.

Based on the investigation conducted by the policemen, several witnesses identified the suspects as Reynaldo De la Cruz, Rowell De la Cruz, Jessie Aguilar and Nico Zamora.

Witnesses revealed that they saw the suspects enjoying a drinking session. The suspects even invited one of the witnesses to join their drinking session.

According to a certain “Mango Ador”, the suspects gave him a shot of drink and invited him to hang out with them.

He said that the girl was being fed by the suspects but since he did not think that something was amiss, he did not see anything wrong and did not say anything about it or report it to the authorities. Quite possibly, he did not know that the girl was not related to any of the suspects.

Afterwards, Mang Ador left the group but told the cops that the girl was still with other guys. He was shocked to learn that the kid was raped and killed.



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