Why do I feel like somebody was caught cheating?
A woman was seen in the streets of Fuzhou, China’s Fujian province, ‘walking’ her male companion on a dog leash. The man was on all fours while the woman held a leash that was tied to his neck—like a dog! In the pictures posted on Chinese social media site, Weibo, the man can be seen hiding his face (in shame), but continued to follow the woman, who publicly dragged him along.
One witness claimed they even saw the woman ‘patting’ the man’s head as she would a dog. The pair caused traffic jams in the city and police had to be called in, who managed to persuade her to untie the rope and free the man.

The post on Weibo read: ‘The man was tied and said to the crowd, he is not a person, he is a dog.’
People have been commenting on the post confused about what happened.
One user wrote: ‘Imagine how their parents feel when they saw this.’
While another said: ‘Where is the dignity of men?’
And one user commented: ‘If he were a dog, why does he wear clothes?’
The reason behind the couple’s behaviour is still unknown, but there were a lot of speculations coming from commenters—I think somebody was caught cheating!


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