He punched her on the face 40-50 times while she was lying on the floor.
Thousands of domestic violence cases are seen in a daily basis wherein women are raped, hurt and even killed at times. The sad thing is that these women believe that the violence will stop sometime, and that they are still in-love. But for Stephanie Littlewood, some things ought to stop.
The mother-of-one from UK posted pictures of her bloodied face showing severely bruised eyes, chipped and missing teeth, and swollen cheeks. Apparently, she refused her boyfriend, Wayne Hoban, when he wanted to have sex with her.
According to her Facebook post, Hoban was enraged when she refused and began to attack her. He became “angry and aggressive” after she turned down his advances on April 2, 2016. She shared that he gripped her by the ankle and pulled her off the bed, then threw her on the floor and started punching her 40-50 times on the left side of her face.

The blows broke her jaw, knocked out three teeth and chipped her front tooth. The injuries were so severe that doctors sent her for a CT scan, fearing brain damage. Wayne Hoban is now sentenced to 16 months in prison, a punishment Littlewood’s family and friends believe is too lenient for his crimes.
She said, “Six months later and I’m still awaiting construction work on my bottom teeth. Not to mention how this has affected me emotionally.”
Despite winning the case and posting so much evidence on Facebook, Wayne’s family has been attacking Littlewood and her friends on social media.
Her friend, Shannon Meep, commented on the post saying, “I called him out and his family swarmed me with attacks on my looks and attacking my friends.”
Littlewood also wrote a day later, “Wayne’s (Hoban) family saying i'm lying and making it up for “attention” are clearly that ashamed they are making rubbish up themselves!”


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