How Can A Wife Abuse Her Husband?
Abuse comes in many different forms. There’s emotional, mental and physical abuse. Women, who abuse, are more likely to use emotional and mental abuse tactics rather than physical, though they can also be physically abusive. Emotional abuse can begin as a form of emotional blackmail. An example is that a husband and wife are disagreeing, she uses recrimination and challenges that he even loves her because he is disagreeing. If he loved her, he wouldn’t.
This may sound relatively tame, but it can be emotional torture if repeated over and over and over again. Mental cruelty can join with the emotional abuse when the wife demands demonstrations of the affection. She may plague him at work with phone calls.
Hitting, Throwing, Screaming
The abuse can become more direct when she checks up on his whereabouts and what he is doing at all hours of the day. It can become physical if she starts throwing things at him in frustration or temper. I know one wife who broke her husband’s nose when she threw a leaded crystal ashtray at him and hit him in the face.
Abuse is abuse. The abuser is wrong to do it. The victim of the abuse whether they are male or female deserves and needs to get help. Men, who are the victims of abuse, are far more likely than women to not seek help. They feel emasculated and can be ridiculed by others – because obviously men are physically stronger than women – they should be capable of defending themselves.
If you or someone you love is a victim of spousal abuse, then I would urge you to seek help outside of the relationship. No one deserves abuse. Period.


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