There are a load of mysteries still left to discover under the ocean waters all across the globe, but to this day the fascination we as a species have for sharks might seem unreasonable to any outside observers, but then again it might not. These oceanic predators have a highly evolved sense of smell, rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth and the ability to cut through the water like butter, what’s not to be amazed by? It’s because of that fascination we developed those underwater cages to protect ourselves while we keep an eye out for marine life in the water, otherwise someone might end up as lunch.
This group of divers sat inside one of those cages while a massive Great White checked them out. They watched in amazement as this hulking underwater creature swam right up to them, and then had a huge laugh when the shark let out a huge crap! Right before their eyes the nearby fish began to frenzy over the shark poo while it continued it’s investigation into the cage.

That Great White shark must have been holding it for quite some time, as I don’t think a cloud of poo larger than a human can be gained in the course of just one day, but then again I’m not a shark fecal expert so there’s no telling. What could you do in that situation besides laugh? The shark may not be too happy it can’t get to what looks like an easy meal, but I’ll bet it feels better after releasing that one!



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