A vicious pit bull attack that occurred on the busy streets of Boston was recently caught on video. As the ferocious beast ripped into its victims, attempting to drag one away, the footage leaves hearts pounding, fearing for the innocent lives that are in danger. However, it’s the words of one onlooker that are truly terrifying.

A YouTuber uploaded the footage of the pit bull, according to Daily Mail, savagely attacking a tiny beagle in front of its owner on July 30, 2016. As the smaller dog’s owner screamed, “Get off of her!” referring to her beloved little pooch, she was pulled to the ground with her pet while bystanders attempted to intervein.
Raphael Fortin, who was visiting Boston for a Coldplay concert with his girlfriend, happened on the horrendous scene, whipping out his camera and capturing the desperate battle as the beagle owner tried to save her pet, putting her own life at risk and leaving her bruised and bloodied by the pit bull.
However, the intense and disturbing footage caught more than just the vicious attack as 4 troubling words from an onlooker are also heard as the owner of the tiny beagle continues to cry out before her innocent pet is finally wrenched away from the pit bull’s deadly jaws, and it’s the onlookers words that are really leaving viewers in shock.
The harrowing footage begins with the beagle owner being pulled to the ground as she attempted to rescue her pet from the attacking pit bull. She screams out in desperation as bystanders quickly come to her aid, attempting to stop the raging canine from killing the little beagle or even its owner. In the background, a woman says, “Everyone needs to calm down,” but unfortunately, it only gets worse from there.
Rightfully, it’s hard to “calm down” when innocent life is at risk while a powerful and potentially deadly animal is on the attack. So, it comes as no surprise that people, trying to save the woman and her dog from the out-of-control and aggressive pit bull, begin to wrestle with and even hit it.
When all else failed, one man got behind the pit bull and kicked the dog, hoping to cause it to release its grip on its victims. That’s when the truly mind blowing words of the bystander are heard coming from somewhere behind the camera. Although the beagle owner was bloodied on the ground screaming, “Help me,” when an unnamed man struck the attacking animal with his foot, the onlooker cried out, “What the f***! Oh my God,” before she yelled, “Stop kicking the dog!” repeatedly.
Stop kicking the dog that was viciously attacking a tiny beagle and its owner, who was bloodied, shaken, and screaming out for help. That’s what this imbecile demanded. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone in her ignorance. Raphael Fortin, the uploader of the video, also expressed his sadness for the pit bull and its owner, rather than those who were attacked.
In the video description, he claims, “The guy (pit bull owner) claimed that he got punched in the face which made his dog defend him and attack the smaller dog,” while admitting, “I can’t confirm if this is accurate.” So, we are to believe that out of nowhere, someone punched this guy, causing his dog to go off, grabbing up a tiny beagle — which obviously didn’t punch the pit bull’s master. Sadly, it gets worse.
“What I find sad in this whole thing is that all the attention and care were given to the girl (beagle owner),” the video uploader commented. “The guy (pit bull owner) was left alone by the crowd and even the cops, which didn’t seem to care about him that much.”
I’m sorry, but wasn’t it “the girl” who was bleeding from her face and had to seek treatment for injuries as her casual walk with her pup resulted in a ride in a cop’s car, presumably headed to the hospital? Wasn’t it her dog that was left with bite marks on its neck and only luckily escaped life-threatening injuries? Wasn’t she the one caught up in a mauling because “the guy” obviously didn’t have control of his pet?

Welcome to the world we now live in, where aggressors are defended and those simply trying to protect themselves and their loved ones are disregarded. As for the “stop kicking the dog” comment, she was partially right. Where I’m from, we would have unholstered our firearm and rightfully shot it, ensuring no one would ever be its innocent victim again. I don’t care what led up to this attack — when it tries to kill, it gets killed. If that pisses you off, take it up with the owner who allowed it to get to that point by raising an animal he obviously couldn’t handle.


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