He hasn’t been in a relationship ever since that humiliating experience.
A 35-year-old man said that he is ‘deeply ashamed’ of his penis and called for people to be more sensitive about ‘body-shaming’ men.
Writing under a pseudonym for Cosmopolitan ‘JF’, he said that his penis is 2.7 inches-long when erect and that flaccid ‘it resembles two raisins flat on top of each other’.
He added: ‘As it extends erect, I would guess that in length and girth, it would be the equivalent in volume of two cocktail sausages.’
The man said he is ‘deeply ashamed’ of his penis – in part because of the way he has heard women mock the size of men’s sexual organs.
‘At one time, I actually overheard three or four of my colleagues at work all agreeing that “men with small dicks should be made to wear a sign warning women,”‘ he said.
Describing his only sexual experience, with a ‘very attractive university student’, he said it had a devastating impact on his self-esteem.
He said: ‘When I stripped, she stared at my micropenis, giggled, and put her hand to her mouth, muttering simply “OK” in a tone that suggested she was taken aback.
‘When it came to actually performing, first I found that the condom wouldn’t stay on, but more frustratingly, my micropenis kept falling out every time I tried to penetrate her.
‘Even when I was inside her, she kept asking me, “Is it in?” Every time she asked me that, I wanted to die. It was clear that she was getting nothing out of the experience.’
Despite trying hard to please the woman, he said she did not appear to enjoy the experience and eventually ‘huffed in an annoyed way and got up’.
Afterwards he said he felt sorry for her so he walked two miles to her home to deliver a box of chocolates ‘to show both appreciation for her intimacy and also as an apology’. But he later regretted the gesture which made him feel like a ‘loser’ and felt like ‘she deserved better’.
Years after his humiliating experience, he hasn’t been in a relationship, and couldn’t get physically close to a woman again.
He added:  ‘If I started to look for love, it would just make me feel down, and I already struggle with depression and anxiety secretly.
‘I don’t need the humiliation and hurt that looking for love would bring me.’
Calling on people to take the body-shaming of men more seriously he said it should be treated in the same way that it is when women are the victim.
He questioned whether it is ‘fair’ to dismiss a man based on his penis size, adding: ‘I just wish people could look past it, so I could too.’


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