Think of a newborn, and then imagine that little one in incredible pain. How do you feel about that? What would you give to change the situation? Before you’re done thinking about it, you’ll realize that this is the same situation that could face a baby animal too. You would want to save them too!
Truthfully, it’s just so sad when a little baby animal falls into a painful predicament, especially because the mother or the other grown animals don’t possess the intelligence needed to solve such problems as a baby full of maggots and dying in pain. It’s even sadder when such a little, helpless creature gets “dumped” by its own mom and is left to die in a cold and very scary rainstorm. That’s what happened to this innocent one in this video.
Before a Good Samaritan finally crossed his path, this little kitty was dying. His whole body was covered with maggots. He was in great pain. His mom had abandoned him during a rainstorm, and the baby had no idea what to do next. He was helpless and desperately in need of a helping hand, that’s what this kind human offered him.
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