When you’re a teenager it can feel like you’re invincible; like no matter what you face you can stand against all odds and come out on top, but that’s simply not the case. These four younger men decided they wanted to get into a fight one night, so they picked a solo guy as their target and began harassing him. Before long the stranger becomes aware of their ill intent and takes up his “I’m ready for this fight” stance and the four hesitate, wondering if they were really ready for what was about to go down. They were probably imagining the guy would take out one, maybe two of them before they could get him down and out, but that would have been the biggest mistake of the night.

Instead of backing down and trying to flee the guy took on all four of the young men in a way only a long-time fighter could, and this time he DID come out on top!


I hope that beatdown gave those kids a little more perspective on the world around them and on themselves, because from the looks of it they needed it. Thankfully it appears as though no one was too badly injured, but this could have gone a whole lot differently than it did. What would you do if those four wouldn’t let you walk away instead of that guy; would you have looked for a way out without violence or do you think there was no other alternative?


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