Christmas is just around the corner and many people are getting ready to celebrate with their families. Exchanging gifts and preparing food for the festivities are just two of those things almost everybody looks forward to. But bonding with family members you haven’t seen for a long time is actually the real meaning of Christmas.
Many successful adults work abroad, or really far away from their parents, making them see each other very seldom. Some of us don’t realize that our parents are getting older by the day—and there is not much time to spend with them. These are the times when our parents long for us and wish they were with us all the time—especially on Christmas.
This old Dad was living alone for years and his children were ‘too busy’ to visit him, even on Christmas. They were all too consumed by work, that they do not realize how their father is slowly getting old and fading away—alone. He does the unthinkable and sends a letter to his children saying that he is longer of this world anymore.
One by one, his children started to come home and were ready to see their father for the last time. But upon arriving at their old home, they saw food prepared on the table! He wanted to see his children so much, that he had to pretend to be dead just to get them all together.
In the end, they have a happy celebration—probably the happiest one in this Dad’s life.


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