Royce’s school in Santa Fe, TX (left), Royce Thompson (right)

A Texas mom was running late getting her son to school when she dropped him off and started to drive away. However, she didn’t make it too far before turning around in shock after noticing what he was doing right outside the school’s door.
Kindergartner Royce Thompson was booking it into his elementary school, in a hurry to get to class since the final bell had already rung. When he was just a few feet from the front door, he suddenly stopped. Without glancing around to see who was looking, he did two things before going inside that left his mother and a nearby campus police officer floored. A photo snapped of the moment speaks volumes, which our country needs to hear right now, and it has since gone viral because of it.

Regardless of how stressed and busy he was at the time, nothing could stop Royce from something he felt was more important than anything else in that moment. As he approached the front doors, he heard his school reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom system so he stopped to honor his country and his God with what he did next.
Mom Shocked At What She Saw Son Doing Outside School After He Was Late
Royce outside his school saying the Pledge of Allegiance
With his hand on his heart, he picked up where his classmates were in reciting the pledge and said it with them, even though he stood there alone. After the final words, “and justice for all,” Royce then bowed his head in prayer. Once he thanked God for this day and asked for his blessing over it, little Royce continued on into class, knowing he had done his duty and paid his respects.
At under 4 feet tall and only a few years of living life in this free country, this kindergartner has more respect and pride for our country than many American adults. He is the picture of what a kid who was raised right looks like, and his actions are the result of good parenting.

Royce didn’t do it for recognition. He showed respect because he knows that countless patriots have died for the flag and his freedom. He’s been taught by the proud mother behind this picture that the least he can do is recite his daily pledge and say a prayer of gratitude for this country that he’s blessed to live in.


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