Every life is precious. Humans and animals alike deserve to live and fight for their lives.

Mothers carry their children until they are four years old, after which they live on their own. When young, baby monkeys always stay close to their parents for protection from predators and comfort. Offspring rely on their parents to teach them how to climb, walk and what to eat and normally shown much love and affection by their mothers displayed in acts of snuggling as well as more practical tasks such as cleaning and grooming them.
So when this little monkey sees that his mother wasn’t moving at all, confusion strikes him. He didn’t know what to do, having followed his mom his entire life. The mother was a victim of a tragic road accident, leaving her to die in the streets.
The pitiful monkey, bloodied, stays by his mom’s side as he tries to ‘squeak’ for help. The little monkey appears to be distressed, even trying to wake his mom up—but it was all in vain.
The heart-breaking scene shows the undying bond of a mother to her child even after death. Hopefully local shelters would take the little monkey in, and guide him like his mother would have.


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