The best part about having a best friend means you always have someone to do fun things with.

No matter how old you and your best friend, you can always go on some kind of adventure together and even if nothing interesting happens, it is still a great time because the two of you were together.

Best friends also means you’re always there for each other, for the good times and the bad times. You lift each other up, sometimes physically, whenever necessary.

I know when it comes to my best friend, I’d do just about anything to make sure she was happy, and she would do the same for me.

Felipe Wendel is the very same way with his friend Augusto Barbieri. This young man shows his compassion for his friend every single day.

In a video that has been shared thousands of times, Felipe can be seen physically helping Augusto onto a swing set. It is not a quick process, but not for a second does Felipe grow tired or frustrated.

Instead, when Augusto is finally seated on the two-person swing and smiling, Felipe is overjoyed to see his friend so happy! It is truly a heartwarming moment to watch.

If you love seeing friends that are there for each other, then you will also be supportive of this 7-year-old that raised money for his friend battling cancer.

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