It’s called the ‘High Velocity Fan Method’ and it works by moving an enormous quantity of air through a fine wire mesh. The mesh is impregnated with rubbing alcohol to make sure the mosquitoes are good n dead.
You can try the mosquito catcher out using a normal home box fan, but to really have an effective trap you should go for a high velocity fan. The top recommended fan for these types of traps is the MaxxAir 24″ portable. It will move 4,000 cubic feet per minute. That’s compared to your ordinary Lasko box fans which move about 2,000.
The mesh is harder to find, it needs to be fine enough that mosquito’s can’t fit through it. Ordinary hardware cloth won’t work. In a pinch you can just secure ordinary mosquito netting which is cheap and easy to find.
With all the news about the Zika virus running rampant throughout the world…this is a wonderful, powerful solution that should help keep the mosquito population down in your backyard!
Here is the full video from Green Power Science.


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