When a friend or family member brings new bundle of joy into the world, it can be tempting to want to shower the little one in love and affection. Who doesn’t want to plant a big smooch on that adorable new child?
But kissing a baby can actually lead to some serious trouble—and lasting consequences. This is what Amy Stinton discovered shortly after she allowed one of her friends to kiss her 14-month-old baby, Oliver. What had at first seemed harmless soon turned painful after Oliver developed rashes and blisters.

Amy Stinton of Portsmouth, England, recently had to rush her 14-month-old son Oliver to the doctor after she found he was developing a terrible rash.

A blood test told the doctors that Oliver had been infected with the herpes type 1 virus, which he will now have for life. What’s worse: if he had been younger or they had waited to take him to the doctor, the virus could have killed him.
“Something as innocent as kissing a baby if you carry the herpes type 1 virus can have serious consequences. Most people hear herpes and assume it is the sexually transmitted infection. But type 1 is cold sores and rashes and around 60 per cent of people carry the virus, most of who [sic] don’t even know. You just have to be really careful especially around babies.”

If it wasn’t already obvious, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to babies. Hopefully, Amy’s message gets out!

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