Every couple’s dream is to have a complete family after getting married. Having children is the greatest gift they can have after years of loving each other. Every parent dreams of seeing their children grow and have families of their own. Unfortunately for this father, his son left the world too early. His final goodbye to his child is the most heart-breaking moment I’ve ever seen.

This father was carrying his lifeless child for the last time, before the burial. He stroked the baby’s hair and stroke the baby’s cheeks before giving the child a final hug. He hugged his lifeless child tightly until he could no longer contain his emotions. He cried and cradled his baby, as if not wanting to let go.
He finally laid his child inside the wooden casket, where others rushed to cover the baby with a blanket before the video ended.
The love of a parent for his/her child is truly remarkable and irreplaceable.


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