Everything was caught on camera.
Being a dad does not stop as children grow up—instead, a dad’s love grows with us. Some dads may be fun most of the time, but surely they are thinking of us whenever they are at work or when they are apart from us. In reality, dads put their own lives on the line just to give us shelter over our heads, food in our mouths, and a safe world to live in.

Many people would think this man is a bad father after he put his daughter in a large plastic bag. But what happens after will surely bring you to tears!
Apparently, his daughter had to go to school which was located across a large river. The young girl would need to swim across if she needs to get to school on time, but her uniform would all be wet and unacceptable at school.
To make sure his daughter is dry and safe in crossing the water, he puts her inside a plastic bag and drags her across the body of water. Going against the current and possibly getting hurt in the process, this father literally risks his life just to safely get his daughter to school.


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