Don’t try this at home.
A homunculus is an artificial humanoid created through alchemy. It is an alarming and grotesque idea to create a foetus that is not quite human and not quite animal, but many people experiment with life and death—and alchemy is just that.
Many centuries back, many alchemists tried to create a homunculus through injecting semen into a cow or ewe and wait until it gives birth to the said creature. Though our ancestors have failed in creating a live homunculus, many people still experiment today. As a matter of fact, this Russian man tries to create a homunculus by injecting his own semen into an egg!

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After ten days of incubation, he opens the egg—and THIS comes out! Though the creature looked lifeless, it gave us a shock as it tried to move a bit. Creepy and gross!

Then again, aren’t we in an age of genetic manipulation and human cloning? But yeah, don’t try this at home.


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