She should’ve asked if it was real gold, lol!
It is no secret that many women want men who are financially stable. Some women claim that there is a reason behind it—that they want to be financially stable as well and probably live an easy life. Who doesn’t want an easy life anyway?
Yes, it is true that there are many, many women out there that can be classified as “gold diggers” whose primary objective is to strictly date financially profound men in order to acquire as much of his capital as possible. But this ‘gold digger’ surely didn’t expect this to happen to her!
This dude from YouTube’s RiskyRobTV was trying to hook up with this woman, who was obviously not into him. He tried so hard to get her into going out with him, but she bluntly turned him down, accompanied by a few rude words.
But when the valet got his Corvette for him, she suddenly changed her tune! She’s pretty thick-skinned isn’t she? He then gets something from the back of his car and gives it to her—a golden shovel—for a gold digger like her!


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