Few people would describe slugs as their favorite animals. We may not hate them (or…we definitely might) but the slow, slimy gastropods aren’t exactly well-loved. So, the fact that there are giant slugs the size of small dogs living in the ocean is…off-putting, to say the least!
Animal expert Coyote Peterson was exploring the wildlife that lives in tide pools when he spotted a big, slimy black lump in the shallow water. Then, he reached in and grabbed it…

Wildlife authority Coyote Peterson was investigating the sea creatures that live in tide pools when he spotted a big black thing in the water.

He knelt down, reached out and snatched it out…
…to find that it was a Black Sea Hare, the world’s largest species of sea slug.

The critters are pitch black, slimy, and can measure over three feet long when they fully extend their bodies!
Peterson estimated the slug he found weighed around ten pounds, but they’ve been known to weigh as much thirty!

Watch him play with the massive sea slug:

Wow…pretty gross. We’re not exactly thrilled to know that these slimy suckers are hanging out at our beaches!

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