The paramedics thought that Justin Smith was dead when they found him on a road in Pennsylvania, with temperatures below 0 ºF. When they tested him for the blood pressure, there was no recordings and even the heart beat was not there.
In the clip below, you will hear Emmett Thomas, one of the paramedics reporting that they are on a scene where they have found a man of about 25 years lying on the snowbank, indicating that he had died a while ago.
His parents were terrified with the sad news, and even a coroner was alerted to come.
When all the staff thought that he was surely dead, Gerald Coleman, who is a doctor at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA, still had hope that there was a way that Justin would be saved. He was joined with other doctors who put all their efforts to see that Smith regained his consciousness again. In the clip below, you will be surprised to see the technique they use to revive him back to life, which seems like a miracle to me.
The good news was that smith’s organs were nor damaged after being exposed to harsh conditions even though he had developed Hypothermia.
Speaking to a Standard Speaker of Pennsylvania, Dr. Coleman said that this was a proof on how the modern science had advanced. He said that getting Smith back to life is another lesson on how they go about hypothermia cases.
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