Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.
When emotionally hurt, nobody knows what a woman can, or would do. 47-year-old Somchai didn’t expect anything as terrifying as what his wife did after discovering he was having an affair with her close friend.

Somchai’s wife learned about their affair and was enraged. After calming herself down, she lured her husband into a sex trap. When her husband showed arousal, she suddenly cut his manhood off with a box cutter! Blood was spewing from his crotch and that was when he realized he was missing something terribly important.

Doctors at the Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya, Thailand said that Somchai, a chicken street vendor in the resort popular with Brits, had lost a lot of blood and would need close supervision.

It was too early to tell whether he would regain full use of his penis.


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