“Drugs do not discriminate. They take the rich and the poor, the good and the bad; it doesn’t matter who you are.”
“To my daughter’s drug dealer, this is how I spend my daughter’s birthday now,” she posted on the Facebook page Heroin KILLS you. “How do you live with yourself???”
That one question garnered an overwhelming response with more than 256,000 shares. People from across the country who have experienced the impact heroin can have on a loved one first-hand.

It has been three years since Tina Louden’s daughter, Ashley, passed away from drug overdose. Since her daughter’s death, Tina had celebrated every occasion and holiday alone, missing her daughter even more. But on August 15, on Ashley’s 28th birthday, Tina could no longer keep her peace. She decided to tell the world how her daughter died, with a message to her daughter’s drug dealer.

Apparently, Ashley started abusing prescription pills when she was just a teenager. Eventually, she moved on to heroin. According to her mom Tina, Ashley tried to get clean for five years—not just for herself, but for her two little girls.
However, Louden says their family lacked the funds to help her seek professional help. And in the end, her beautiful daughter who could instantly “light up a room” lost her battle with addiction, dying a little over a month before her 25th birthday.
“Drugs do not discriminate,” Louden said. “They take the rich and the poor, the good and the bad; it doesn’t matter who you are.”


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