Though money cannot buy you happiness, it can buy you things that can make you happy. Many people go crazy over money, and some would even trade ANYTHING just to get their hands on cash. But how far would you exactly go just to get money?

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A businessman consulted a witch doctor and told him a ‘fast’ way to get richer and acquire more money. The ritual was horrendous and inhuman, but the businessman went with it anyway—because he wanted to get richer. So what was the ritual exactly?

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The witch doctor told him to bury his beautiful Tanzanian girlfriend alive! For 8 months, she was kept inside a pit and was only fed once a week. It was only until neighbors tipped the police about the woman that they were able to rescue her.

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Her once beautiful body was reduced to a skeletal figure and her previously ‘plump’ body parts were dried out. She looked like a completely different person. She will be needing intense therapy so that she can walk and talk again.

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As soon as her pictures and video were posted on social media, many netizens felt sympathy towards her, and many were disgusted with the man.


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