Listen to the lyrics, and watch the video as well.
In the wake of several terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, more and more people are losing their faith in humanity. With little Alan Kurdi’s slumped lifeless body on the shores of Turkey, and little Omran Daqneesh’s traumatized and bloodied face after being rescued from the rubble after a bombing in Syria—the world is slowly losing hope in ever getting the peace we’ve all been longing for.
In response to these tragic events, The Black Eyed Peas decided to do a remake of their hit song ‘Where is the love’, with a new twist to its lyrics. They felt that the world needs to listen to this song.
Aside from Black Eyed Peas members Taboo and FIlipino-American, the song also featured artists like Justin Timberlake who was also on the original track. The others were Kendall Jenner, Mary J. Blige, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Randy Jackson, Wilmer Valderrama, A$AP Rocky, Tori Kelly, Nicole Scherzinger, Jamie Foxx, Jessie J, Usher, Jaden Smith,  Shailene Woodley, Vanessa Hudgens, Lance Bass, Connie Britton, Omarion, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, and LL Cool J, to name a few.
“I hope this song inspires the millenials to go all out to scream from the tallest mountain, care like your freedom depends on it. Pay attention like that is at risk,” Will.I.Am also said., on the other hand, also called on the younger generation to rally for change. “You have a voice and you have a right to make a change in this moment in time.”


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