A second chance in life and in love!
Daniel Lyon is a former firefighter who ended up with 70% of his body burned after an unfortunate accident last year. Daniel Lyon Jr. was burned over nearly 70 percent of his body on Aug. 19, 2015, in the Twisp River fire, a wildland blaze that killed three other firefighters.
Nearly one year after Lyon was burned over almost 70 percent of his body—his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes have finally grown back. But that isn’t the only change in his life, as his new girlfriend, Megan Lanfear will be by his side to start a new life.

“Each day, I’m able to do something that I couldn’t do before,” says Lyon. “I’ll probably be in and out of surgeries for the next 10 years,” says Lyon, who’s scheduled for an operation this month to improve movement in his right hand. “It’s almost like you can’t see the end of the tunnel. It’s like learning life all over again.”
But with Lanfear by his side, everything started to become easier for him. Both Lanfear and Lyon were friends even before the accident—and that relationship has blossomed into something else today.
“For me, it’s always been his eyes,” Lanfear says. “I was just happy to be with him. I just realized what it would be like without him.”


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