If you haven’t seen the flicks over at the Mr. Gear YouTube channel, basically, these guys are all about creating all types of neat little inventions from the odds and ends that you have at home.
This time, using some simple products like a 9V battery, a couple of bells, or even a clothespin, we check out some neat little inventions that might come in use from time to time.
In this flick, we are shown how to create a method of sparking a fire if you can’t find a lighter, a hole saw, and even a trip alarm that might prove to be fun to play around with.
Check out the video below that shows how to make each and tell us if you would want to try out any of these for yourself at home. They seem like a lot of work, but who knows, could be rewarding!
If you’re short on cash and need to get something accomplished, there are definitely some ideas on this channel that might be of interest to you.



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