Everybody loves to have their hair washed at the salon. Aside from giving the ‘clean feeling’, many people feel refreshed after having their hair cut. But this woman felt far from refreshed after she suffered a stroke after having her hair washed at her favourite salon.
Apparently, the danger is real, although the probability of it happening is low. A study that came out in 1993, subsequently covered by the New York Times, found that older people have a higher risk of a stroke during or after a visit to the beauty salon.
So how does this happen?
The angle and degree she was tilted in the chair and the way her head tipped back over the sink while the stylist was washing her hair caused Elizabeth Smith to have a stroke two weeks later.

“I vomited, my head became hot and I couldn’t stand. I had weakness in my arms and legs. They didn’t think I was going to live,” said Smith, choking back tears.
Smith says she could hardly believe what nearly killed her.
Her doctors pointed to her time in the shampoo chair. Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome is what they called it. It’s a rare but documented condition.
Multiple doctors who saw Smith say when her neck was bent backwards, it hyperextended, her vertebrae slicing an artery. A clot began forming, later causing a stroke.
“Several of Ms. Smith’s neurologists confirmed with her that the stroke was caused by the vertebra dissecting her artery during her hair wash,” said Smith’s attorney Carree Nahama.
Today, Elizabeth has permanently lost part of her vision and mobility. She claims she still experiences pain from time to time, and has spent more than $250,000 in hospital bills and medication. She is now suing the salon for damages.
Apparently, older people have a higher risk of a stroke during or after a visit to the beauty salon.


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