We all have that one best friend that has been with us through the years. Some have other people whom they consider their “best” friend, while others consider their pets their closest friend. Unfortunately for pet lovers, dogs and cats are legally consumed in other parts of the world. Yes, eating and selling dogs for food is as common as eating chicken or pork in some countries. For this 5-year-old, what came to her as a shock, was heartbreaking for netizens to see.

This 5-year-old named her dog “flower” whom she had growing up with for the past 3 years. Flower and the girl were always together, they were best friends. One day, she wasn’t able to find Flower. Several days have passed and she saw no signs of the dog. Until she saw a horrendous sight: Flower was roasted for food!
In the picture that has been making its rounds in different social media sites for the past days, the girl was sitting down beside the dog (who was already cooked) and held her canine best friend with a mourning touch. Now this is a picture worth a thousand words.



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