VIDEO: Inmate Hits Jailer, Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late As He Turns Around
(Source: YouTube)
An inmate came up with the genius idea to attack an unsuspecting Oklahoma correctional officer after he opened a door. Unfortunately for the convict, he would only realize how big of a mistake he’d made once it was too late – and all it took to realize his error was a simple glance behind him.
All caught on prison surveillance video, Tashka Robert Frank Maret decided to punch an officer in the Payne County jail for reasons unknown. Taking place just after the correctional officer opened a door, viewers look on in horror as the crazed inmate lunges forward and attacks.

Maret can be seen unleashing a fury of blows on the man before picking him up and slamming him to the ground. The guard immediately tried to call for help over the walkie talkie and was able to do so but would have to wait for help to come.
Maret realized just how big of a mistake he’d made after seeing who came up from behind. As it turns out, another inmate – a much larger inmate, mind you – was in the room at the time and came over to assist the struggling correctional officer.
Without warning, the other inmate sprang into action, grabbing Maret around the back so that the officer could focus on securing Maret in a pain induced submissive position. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the attack, but the idiot inmate has recently found his stay behind bars lasting a bit longer after he’s since been charged with assault on an officer.
Although Captain Kevin Woodward with the Payne County Sheriff’s Office says that he’s thankful for the good Samaritan inmate, he hopes that it doesn’t happen again. “We certainly wouldn’t want anybody to try and be a good Samaritan and get hurt in the process,” he said.
In the end, you really have to question what was the attacking inmate’s final goal. Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to get away with it. That being said, I wonder how he feels that it was one of his fellow inmates that stopped him. That can’t feel good.


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