There are people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But some believe that there are creatures in this world aside from us, creatures and entities that are not meant to be seen. But what do you really believe in? Have you seen or felt one for yourself?

Screenshot from Youtube

Throughout the years, many experts have sought the truth behind these entities, but had little to no evidence. But with this new video, some people would change their minds about not believing in ghosts.

In a CCTV footage recorded at a staircase, two young men walk down the steps when the guy in front starts falling to the ground—as if fighting something off. Shocked, his companion drags him away from whatever is attacking his friend. They don’t understand what just happened, but the CCTV captured everything—including something else out-of-this-world.
You’ll never believe in ghosts—until you see one!


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