Holly Wagner thought she was doing everything possible to keep her young boys safe every day. Sadly, it only took one simple mistake to claim the life of her 3-year-old son, Cameron.
Wagner’s boyfriend took Cameron and her 11-month old, Connor, out for a drive. It seemed like another normal day, but that’s when tragedy struck.

Holly Wagner’s boyfriend took her two little boys out for a drive. Cameron, aged three, and Connor, aged 11 months, were strapped into their car seats as usual, and all seemed well. However, there was one detail that the adults overlooked that ended up taking Cameron’s life.

Wagner’s boyfriend accidentally drove through a stop sign, but by the time he noticed, it was too late. A car struck their vehicle, injuring Wagner’s boyfriend and youngest son; Cameron was in critical condition.
Wagner rushed to the hospital and found her little boy on life support, struggling to survive. In a heartbreaking few moments, Wagner had to decide whether to keep her little son on life support for the next few days, or shut the machines off and allow him to pass away peacefully. 

Completely torn, she chose to end his suffering sooner rather than later, and took Cameron off of life support. He died in the hospital, in her arms.
Investigators reported that issues with his car seat ultimately led to his ejection from the vehicle on impact. The car seat was too big for the little boy, it was facing front instead of backward, and that the chest piece was not pulled tight enough to keep him safe. 
Children younger than 4 years should always be seated facing the rear, and ensuring the car seat meets the proper height and weight requirement is crucial. Wagner and her family will never forget the heartbreak of losing Cameron, which is why she has made it her mission to bring awareness to the importance of car seat safety.

Wagner hopes that her experience can help save the lives of innocent children everywhere, and empower parents to be the best caretakers they can be. Our hearts go out to Holly Wagner and her family as they cope with little Cameron’s loss.
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