Don’t you just love a movie or two before sleeping? Or was there ever a time when sleep does not visit you and you tap on that gadget you’re holding? Apparently, it is bad for the body. The fact alone that we use our tablets for several hours in a day, makes us exposed to the light our gadget emits.
According to recent research, the “blue light” emitted by gadgets can slow down the production of melatonin, which is responsible for sleep. After using these devices for a while, it takes more time to get to sleep. And if we can’t sleep, some return to using their tablets again, and soon you realize that hours have already passed by.
Aside from lack of sleep that can harm our bodies, the light emitted by these smart phones and tablets are seriously dangerous for our eyes. This unnamed man developed eye cancer from using his gadgets with the lights turned off—for hours! Time to cut down on your smart phone addiction!
It is advisable to minimize usage of these devices, and leave night time to sleeping!



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