In today's society, there are so many dieting advertisements everywhere. Many women (and some men) feel immense social pressure regarding their weight and physical appearance. This woman could not believe what she saw on Twitter. This photo in a Japanese magazine appeared with the tweet below:

厳しすぎるwwwwww 37キロとかさwww 生きていけないwww

It reads:
"Our (boys’) ideal girls should have—
an average height of 5'2"
an average weight of 100 lbs
an average D cup breast size
an average waist size of 23 in
The size I can hug easily—5', 80 lbs"
Her Twitter post:
"Too tough—LOL! At 80 lbs we wouldn't be able to live. LOL!
Are you kidding me?!"
In Japan, where the population tends to be much skinnier than in western nations, a magazine suggesting that 80 lbs should be an ideal weight for girls is completely the wrong message to send out. Most women would not be healthy at such a low weight.
Erina, instead of going for the typical weight loss regime, started weight training a few years ago and tweeted that being skinny isn't the only way to be attractive. She struck a chord with readers of both genders who supported her position and her posts reached an even wider audience through retweets.

She is 5'3" and weighs 130 lbs. She asks other girls to be "healthy" not "skinny."
In Japan she is told she should weigh 55 lbs less.
Even though her abs are well defined.
And dresses suit her well too.
Working out helps her to understand matters relating to the body. She points out that advertisements and magazines we see everyday project unrealistic images that one doesn't see in normal life.

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Her Twitter post:
"This is the difference when we suck in our tummies and don't. It is easy to show our best sides if it's only for a moment, but no one can hold out 24 hours a day looking the way people do in photos. So don't be fooled by them!!"
Many people agree with her and many girls are encouraged by her, often retweeting her posts. For the majority of women, 80 lbs would a ridiculous weight and extremely unhealthy. Our society needs to learn how to acknowledge beauty in all its shapes and sizes, regardless of weight and size.


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