Many people underestimate the power of a hug, a smile, or an ear that listens. When we see a homeless person in the streets, we always assume that they need money and food. Some of us don’t realize that they need something more special than material things—companionship.
While many of us enjoy the comfort of our home, many homeless people stay in the streets—surviving the cold and hunger. But clothes and food are most of the time not enough. Having somebody to talk to and a shoulder to lean on makes a huge difference.
More often than not, passers-by ignore homeless people. Most of them, intentionally avoiding the homeless, thinking they might be drug addicts or alcoholics. But has anyone tried to talk or just chat with them?
YouTube user CodyRoeder conducted a “prank” where he would give fake citations to the homeless. But, instead of a fine and a warning note, the paper read a positive message in it—and some money taped to the back!
Watch this touching video, and maybe you’ll realize what homeless people truly need.



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